Wilderness Weekly 2.16.18


We had a lot of fun together as a group.  Throughout our time this week, we were able to recognize accomplishments, both as a group and individually.  One of the students who has had trouble packing up in the past did very well at packing and hiking. The boys truly impressed the staff this week as they demonstrated their proactive stance on completing their assignments.  Additionally, playing trivia during our hikes as well as other games during our free time, were big highlights for the Ulurus.



This week the girls navigated several challenges this week including two long hikes and snowy windy nights. They learned several lessons about conflict resolution while rocking group challenges. There were some beautiful clear skies in which we saw the constellations the big dipper, and Orion. One Gnowee had a powerful reunion during her parent visit and after was given the truth speaker token for her hard work. The group participated in several busting challenges.



The Brumbies met a pair of wild horses while on their hike this week. A Brumby is what the Australians refer to as a free-roaming horse and the original inspiration for the name of this group. As such, the sight of the wild horses holds great meaning.  They enjoyed an exploratory day hike to a top of a lookout and a student received their trail name while peaking the summit. Two students also had their parent visits and a student received “the making amends”  token.



We had several ceremonies this week honoring the hard work the students are accomplishing. We gave out tokens and did a trail name ceremony. The students enjoyed hiking to a new part of the field and broke the record for fastest set-up time of their shelter. Skills are still a favorite part of the day with many students attempting to add spiral designs to their carvings. They did a great job working with the Resiliency theme of the week and have demonstrated personal resiliency in many ways. The group is bonding nicely and the students are most certainly learning and exploring parts of themselves, their emotions, and family dynamics offering support to each other consistently.



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