Wilderness Weekly 2.16.19

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an action packed week. We welcomed two new students into our family, both of whom quickly acclimatized to the desert and the group. We enjoyed two snowstorms from the comfort of our warm shelter, which we prepared with lots of firewood. Some of us learned some new bread and taco recipes. The students continue to learn about Outback ceremonies and building group culture. Two Gnowees earned tokens, Solid Ground and Winged Heart. The most senior of the Gnowees was honored with her trail name, Fierce Galaxy.

Brumbies: The Brumbies completed a difficult hike on Thursday and worked together to problem solve and work through differences in ways each member felt heard; all the while getting camp set up in a timely manner. Two Brumbies received their trail names this week, “Inspirational Sky” and “Dedicated Dawn”. A token ceremony was held for the entire group, and each student received a token, as they had an amazing week individually and collectively.

Dingoes: The Dingoes started their week with challenging hikes that pushed, stretched and grew the group dynamic. The first two hikes found the group helping each other through some hikes that really brought the students closer together to form a brotherhood. With problem solving the group was able to lessen pack up time making their third hike of the week the fastest and easiest. Arriving to therapy site, the group acknowledged a new logistical leader and prepped for winter weather and the fun that the snow brings. The Dingoes excelled in active communication and proved to be resilient throughout the snowfall and into the sunshine that followed.


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