Wilderness Weekly 2.16.20

Dingoes: The Dingoes are having a transformative week as they welcome several new students, and say goodbye to several old members. Their first hike of the week was challenging, and they debriefed it the next morning in a healthy manner. The group had two rest days to allow new students to adjust to their arrival in the desert. During those days the boys had time to enjoy the sunshine, have busting challenges, make skills, and play games. One student was given his trail name, Peaceful Sunrise! The group had a second hike in the week that was a great improvement from the first, then could enjoy another couple of rest days at therapy site. The newest members were all able to make their sturdy backpacks and continued to work on transitioning into the group.

Gnowees: This week the Gnowees had a challenging week, which allowed them to practice their coping skills. The girls struggled to adjust to new group dynamics, yet ultimately, were able to build a stronger group. Two members were honored with the tokens: Vital Fire and Seeker to honor their commitment and perseverance to develop better relationships within the group. Throughout the week, members were encouraged to identify collusion cycles in their lives and determine ways to break the cycle. At the end of the week, one group member was honored with her trail name: Radiant Lotus! Members then gathered to say good bye to their elder of the group and wish her well in her transition post Outback. 

Brumbies: The Brumbies were excited to begin the week with riddles and fun games. They made hikes productive by looking for spindles to complete their busting sets. Skills were a hit this week and they enjoyed making them. Most of the students worked on making rings. Solid Monkey received his trail name this week followed by the strong cord token. Overall this week was amazing.


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