Wilderness Weekly 2.17.17


The Brumbies had a great time as they wrapped willow branches with sinew and created beautiful dream catchers to help them sleep well and collect all their great dreams they’ve had in the desert.

Smiles were also shared among the Brumbie members as they combed the mountain hillside for large deposits of milky white quartz. The group also gathered  in solemn joy as their leader received the Vital Fire token, signifying how well the group is coming together to form a strong brotherhood.

The week ended with a fun game! The Brumbies hid from sight as they learned, and played a new version of “hide-and-go-seek” and had a blast!


The Lorikeets took time before a hike on Tuesday to discuss accountability and being open about things.

At sunset the girls had a drum circle as the sun went down to express themselves and enjoy the desert.

The girls also got cookies for wining a busting challenge which they all enjoyed!



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