Wilderness Weekly 2.2.18


The Brumbies enjoyed three adventure hikes this week. During the first, they explored a deep ravine in which they collected rocks and spindles. During the second, they hiked to the top of a nearby hill for a spectacular view of the valley. One of the students was honored with the trail name, Resilient Warrior, atop the hill. They enjoyed many activities such as skills and games, even a snowball fight! Two students were honored with Vital Fire and Journey Keeper tokens this week.


The Gnowees rocked three challenging hikes this week. Their first hike they crushed five miles half of which was off trail, uphill! Many newer members of the group busted their first coals this week getting out of first camp and Gnowee group culture is really flourishing. Our group leader was honored with the True Speaker token after some hard work resolving conflicts in the group. Two of our Gnowees were honored with trail names and we have welcomed Rising Blossom and Curious Sunflower to the group.


The group hike three times this week, including a day hike. We received a new group member that is making quick progress in First Camp. Most members are able to bust a coal, with one person able to get a coal in a matter of seconds. The group enjoyed working on skills, making various crafts and useful tools for living in the desert. They even played baseball together using a baseball bat-like piece of wood and a tennis ball. Leadership was passed to a new group member and the group continues to work together cohesively and supportively. One student received the Peace Walker token while another student received their trail name, Creative Waterfall. The group is reaching more meaningful depth in conversations together and at nightly gatherings.


This week the Uluru transferred leadership to a new student, enjoyed pleasant temperatures for a January in the Utah desert, and had a number of powerful group sessions under the stars around a campfire. One student had a family expedition and we had a number of beautiful sunsets. The group worked on handling conflict with each other this week, culminating in a group discussion Wednesday morning practicing dealing with conflict in healthy ways. We played a number of games and all figured out what it means to be Uluru this week.


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