Wilderness Weekly 2.23.19

Gnowees: The weather challenged the girls this week but they overcame the cold and snow. The Gnowees were honored during a warrior ceremony where they receive patches. One Gnowee went on solo to prepare for and then reflect on her parent visit.  The girls hiked to two new beautiful sites and concluded the week by watching the moonrise from the mountains.

Brumbies: This week for the Brumbies was full of winter weather, fun ceremonies, and parent visits. The Brumbies had two rigorous hikes this week followed by a few days of rest, skills time and games! The group had many gatherings (group discussions) on family and resilience that brought many of the boys closer to each other. Towards the end of the week we had three very successful parent visits that all the boys were excited to reflect upon and share with the group. We also got to see three of the Brumbies head off to peak week as well as say a final goodbye to our eldest group member as he is set to move onto the next chapter in his journey. Overall it was a week filled with emotions for the group. Everyone moved through this week and recognized the strength each group member held within and also became closer as a group.

Dingoes: This week was one that brought us arduous hikes in winter weather, a ton of laughter during fun group activities, and saying goodbye to a couple of our friends. We had a two hikes through which we learned to be resilient, tough, and work as a team as the weather brought some wet and cold days. We gathered after each of these hikes and shared varying emotions and truly showed up as a group that embodied resilience and determination. We also worked on fire making and ensuring everyone has a complete bow drill set. Towards the end of the week one of the Dingoes had the opportunity to connect with family during what came to be a beautiful parent visit for him. The group presented a few tokens to each other in honor and reflection of the week we had and and the students come together every step of the way.


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