Wilderness Weekly 2.23.20

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a fun week! It started with a couple of challenging hikes that went into the early hours of the evening. Despite the long hikes, the group pushed through the adversity and improved on each one of the hikes throughout the week. A major focus for the group was opening up to one another and forming stronger bonds. We attempted a day hike up to a lower ridge one day, yet the rainy weather kept us from completing that particular hike. Although delayed, we were able to complete the hike a couple of days later and were afforded some amazing views of the desert floor. The group enjoyed tons of time on skills with a big focus on completing busting sets. We also played games such as Dr. water bottle and ducky wucky; something of which the boys really got a kick out of playing. Lastly, we honored the eldest member of the group with the Dingoes token because of his growth throughout his time here.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an excellent week of growth and reflection. We hiked up the mountain from our site to take time to reflect, journal, and practice mindfulness four days of the week. We held two ceremonies to give a wonderful Gnowee a trail name of Radiant Lotus, and another student was given the Gnowee Ceremony as a welcome to the group as she transitioned from first camp to main camp. We were able to welcome a new Gnowee to the group which gave us extended time to work on our fire-making skills, therapeutic coping skills, and camp skills. The Gnowees are fire goddesses! 

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies really came together as a group. We had fun with one another through the game of camo, the students opened up during gatherings, provided great support to the first campers, and honored one other with tokens and trail names. We had three good hikes and the fourth was a day hike where we celebrated a student as he received his trail name, Brave Eagle. We were also able to honor others in the group by presenting them with the Brightness, Vital Fire, Solid Ground, Openness, and Seeker tokens. The group milieu is healthy and productive. We are getting to witness the more senior members of the group mentor the younger ones and pass on great wisdom and good work ethic. 


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