Wilderness Weekly 2.3.17


The Brumbies engaged in a powerful group therapy session where they were able to express their regrets, resentments, and resolutions. They also looked at their identity as a group to decide who they want to be. With so many new boys and a strong leader about to leave the Brumbies and move on to his next adventure they have the chance to create a strong group culture.

The student that is leaving expressed the strange feeling of being excited to go home and get on with his life while feeling a strange sadness of saying goodbye to students he has grown with and a desert he has grown to love. The students then heard the call of the wild coyotes while they were processing and supporting new students to the group.


The were taught how to play a game called Salad Bowl, where you guess the names of famous people written down through verbal and physical clues. This went very well and they had a great time.

All the girls out of first camp and enjoying being in main camp with everyone and they are having successful gatherings and were open to feedback.


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