Wilderness Weekly 2-8-19

Gnowees:  The Gnowees welcomed in new members this week. With the various transitions of students moving onto new adventures and others coming in for the first time, the Gnowees had many team members on first camp. They worked through to complete assignments and orientation and quickly joined the main group. A member was honored with a ceremony for the position of “logistical leader”. The group played multiple games such as “finger jousting” and “ninja”. Because the group welcomed in multiple students this week, we spent the week on forming a sound group culture while finding time to also have tons of fun in the snow. 

Brumbies: The group started out the week with a full group. The new students who joined the brumbies completed orientation and assignments from “first camp”, where they spend the first few days of their stay to acclimate to the program before joining the rest of the group. We had an adventurous cross-country hike and the boys loved finding desert treasures they used to decorate their hats. The highlight of many students during this week was learning to make donut holes from scratch and cooking them on the fire in their aluminum cups. They even carved special spoons from Juniper trees to use as donut making scoops.  Two students received tokens and were honored in token giving ceremonies, receiving peace maker and truth speaker tokens.

Dingoes: The Dingoes excelled in multiple areas including fire making, hiking, and camp setup. Additionally token ceremonies covered students’ strengths of brightness, vital fire, strong cord, and journey keeper. Fire making became the group’s goal as past weeks the group struggled with avoidance and losing sets. Fire sets were gathered and maintained providing opportunity for responsibility and completing the difficult task of making fire from sticks. The group completed 4 hikes ranging from a mile to over two miles in length. The token ceremonies included one of the rarer tokens, journey keeper as one student has worked towards major goals with family. Additionally, another student was honored with strong cord after being the helper of newer students in the group.


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