Wilderness Weekly 2.8.20

Dingoes: This week the Dingoes accomplished all of their hikes through some fun cross country hikes. Two of the group’s eldest members went on Peak Week and the group had to adjust to a new leadership dynamic along with the welcoming of a new member into the group. This week brought some winter precipitation that left us with about 8-10 inches of fresh snow! The group was well prepared for the snow and enjoyed the various activities associated with the beautiful snowfall. They also honored a Dingo with the Peace Walker token. 

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an awesome week! Early in the week together, we crushed our hikes and had a couple of really interesting discussions around the fire. With a new student arrival this week, we took the opportunity to work on some skills as well as play some really fun games. We were also met with a bit of a challenge during one of our hikes yet the group worked hard as a team to push through it. The teamwork allowed for us to make it to camp in time to set ourselves up in our big wall tents heated by the wood burning stove just before the snow storm arrived. We woke up to a beautiful site with half a foot of snow outside. Our days with the Gnowee primary therapist brought an awesome group therapy session and some amazing sledding. We had a blast! Overall the group had a really great week, filled with a wonderful balance of fun and personal growth.

Brumbies: This week in the Brumbies was a wild ride. The week started with beautiful weather and a couple of challenging hikes. The group, however, crushed the hikes. The weather allowed the group to enjoy playing several games throughout the week. The Brumbies celebrated a staff’s birthday with several handmade gifts, including a token and a spoon. Another student was honored with the “Letting Go” token. One day, the group attempted to summit Red Pine, which provided some gorgeous views. Throughout the week, several gatherings oriented around vision and vulnerability brought the students closer together. The group made the most of all the snow by building an amazing igloo that several students could fit in at once. We also made a sled out of trash bags and sled down a hill into camp! 


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week was full of exciting activities and gatherings that brought everyone in the group closer to one another. We started the week by heading down south to warmer weather and amazing new views. The group went rock climbing the next day and we pushed each other to get to the top of all of the climbs. This was awesome to witness as everyone in the group attempted to climb and all reached the top. This activity, in particular, was tough for some because of the trust and communication necessary for successful and safe climbing. A beautiful hike through snow canyon state park the next day turned out to be a highlight of the week for the group as well. The last day down south, we traveled to Dixie National Forest for a day of sledding. It was a beautiful 50 degree day full of laughs and gnarly runs down the hills of Dixie.

The end of the week was bittersweet because it was tough for the peak tribe to say goodbye to one another after becoming so close. On our last day, all of the students were honored with peak week patches and tokens. Honest Sea Turtle was honored with Strong Cord, Unabashed Wolf was honored with Vital Fire, Thunderous Sky was honored with Letting Go, and lastly Whimsical Songbird was honored with Hewed Stone.


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