Wilderness Weekly 2.9.18


One of our newer boys received a Trail Name from the group. The group passed leadership on as their current leader leaves tomorrow. Another boy had a fun parent visit while another boy was ecstatic to find out where he is going for after care. And we had a new Uluru record: Two first campers stepped into main camp within 7 days.


The Dingos had a busy and exciting week, with two hikes to new camping sites, and a day hike near Indian Mountain (on a search for mahogany wood that was unsuccessful, but still was a blast, and had the boys finding some very neat crystal stones). Two of the Dingos had parent visits on Tuesday, and honored their parents with the Giver, Solid Ground, and Journey Keeper tokens. One of our boys was honored with the “Letting Go” token, to recognize his qualities of forgiveness and moving forward through difficulties. This same student made his leave from Outback on Tuesday, with a bittersweet goodbye ceremony on Monday night that ended in the student sharing homemade gifts, and ramen soy packets with other group members. The group played a number of games throughout the week, including “Stalking Wolf,” “Camo,” and “Poison Dart Frog.”


The Brumbies had a brilliant week and again there were lots of riddles enjoyed by everyone. We gained a new member and hiked four times. One of the hikes was to a hill overlooking camp with spectacular views of the surrounding area. It was fun to see the landscape we have hiked over the last few days from above. Once at the top of the hill we honoured a Brumbie with the Vital Fire token. It was a wonderful experience led by another Brumbie.

For a lot of this week our gatherings focused on creating and living the Pillars for the group. The Pillars are FIRE, which stands for Fun, Integrity, Respect, and Effort. The group is focused especially on integrity and holding each other accountable.

A Brumbie also had a parent visit this week, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He cooked a lot of different meals and showed the skills he has learnt while living in the desert. Finally and perhaps the highlight of the week was the Brumbies getting to watch two wild horses who were grazing close to camp. They were majestic creatures and it was phenomenal to see them up close in their natural environment.


The Gnowees really came together this week helping each other learn to make fire and pushing each other during hikes to reach individual and group goals. Each member of the groups received a token—from Hewed Stone, which honors the individual who is trying to find their own path, to Letting Go, a token that commemorates the individual for letting go of old and unhealthy ways of communicating. Our fearless leader had a very successful and moving parent visit. The week was filled with water colors, crafting, making fire, and laughing by the fire.


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