Wilderness Weekly – 2016 Holidays

Holidays at Outback are some of the most treasured experiences in wilderness therapy. See what our students were up to.


One Brumbie got a trail name and leadership was passed onto him from a senior student. We played multiple games with many laughs before bed a few nights. The group was pleasantly surprised with a huge Christmas meal and delivered stockings to celebrate the holiday!

We also enjoyed a sleeping bag dance party in the morning to get the group started and the blood pumping for the day.

Another student received their trail name in the sparkling snow and the group rallied to support his process in the desert.

After a great gathering with the therapist, the Brumbies did a sweet grass smudge where we supported10644286_1026074000785461_1722390298939299575_o each other in the new year and the prosperity and gifts that each person brings to the world.


The ladies enjoyed reading Christmas classics before bedtime as much as they enjoyed playing in the snow. Christmas dinner in the desert was made especially unique with letters and stockings from home. We as a group learned how to celebrate the greatest events in life with simplicity and joy.

We commemorated the new year by sharing our fears and hopes for the time ahead of us. The girls led ghost challenge on the first day of the year and did amazing. They also had fun making capotes – primitive clothing and enjoyed Sporadic 30-second dance parties!


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