Wilderness Weekly 3.1.20

Dingoes: This week was kicked off by honoring an elder student with a trail naming ceremony, where he received a very fitting trail name of “Brave Buffalo”. From there, the group carried on to crush the week’s hikes. They also welcomed several new dingoes to the group as two senior members went on solo for their parent visits. The parent visits were both emotional and productive for our fellow Dingoes who had the chance to spend time with their families.

The group worked on hard skills throughout the week; working on making fire, building backpack frames and learning how to pack their gear for the trail. The week ended with four members of the group receiving tokens: Vital Fire, Solid Ground, Winged Heart and Giver. The sunsets were golden, and the Dingoes enjoyed the sunshine during the warm days.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a fantastic week. We hiked 3 out of the 4 days of expedition with Whimsical Songbird leading logistics and helping staff with directives most days. The Gnowees worked together through trials and tribulations and made the most of the days and nights with fun and giggles. Tokens were given, a Gnowee induction ceremony took place, and encouragement to another first camper was seen throughout the week from other Gnowees. There was a wonderful Parent Visit for one student and discussion of it between the group, as well as, a successful solo from Radiant Lotus before an exciting week on Peak! We played games and finished A-frames and had meaningful discussions during hikes this week. The group really blossomed as individuals and a band of young women.

Brumbies: The Brumbies had an excellent week. We hiked everyday with the students taking initiative to break down camp and complete chores as a crew. Although each student is walking their separate therapeutic journeys, they all came together as a community to create an environment in which they could become vulnerable and open with each other and themselves. They honored one another with tokens. Daring Riptide received Maker for taking time out of his day to make for others while Turnt Puma received Journey Keeper for staying on track and always being willing to improve by seeking feedback from others. The group got creative this week by making an Uno deck of cards and putting their own flare to the game. The group is in a great place and staff are grateful to be serving as guides and witnesses to the Brumbies’ growth.


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