Wilderness Weekly 3.10.17


Two of the Brumbies received trail names and two other Brumbies received tokens for positive and productive parent visits! The group also had a blast playing a game called and everyone had a great time.


The new Dingo leader has been showing awesome leadership skills, and motivating the entire group to get out of first camp, but also to apply themselves to their therapy. He has kept the spirits of the entire group up, and is constantly seeking ways to uplift and encourage others. Another Dingo busted for the first time this week and he was super proud of himself, and very excited! It was a great moment for all. The boys all had the opportunity to set up their own shelters, and show some great independence!


This week most evenings were spent warming by the fire with songs and guitar playing! One of the Lorikeets received her trail name this week, Passionate Songbird! The girls  also gave a field guide a new token that they created together using their creativity and wilderness resources to make it.


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COVID-19 Update

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