Wilderness Weekly 3.14.20

Dingoes: This week in the Dingoes was filled with laughter, games and skill building. It was also met with it’s fair share of challenges. The Dingoes really came together to pull through hard times and encouraged each other to do better when things were going well. Five Dingoes were honored with tokens; a couple among our students were Brave Buffalo and Energized Coyote. Another Dingo received his trail name: Compassionate Wolf. Students completed and shared personal therapy assignments and were proactive in starting this next week’s assignments too! This week was the beginning of an upward trend that has no limits!

Gnowees: The Gnowees are a growing group, in many ways! We had several new students join us. One of them made it out of first camp and joined main camp this week. Two of the main campers went on solo for their parent visits, which were emotional and positive. Several students were honored with the Maker, Journey Keeper, Winged Heart tokens and a staff also received the Solid Ground token. One Gnowee was honored with the trail name Vibrant Rose, as well as, a staff with the trail name of Giving Bluebird. We enjoyed sunshine and cool breezes this week, and hikes with views of snow-capped mountains. 

Brumbies: This week was awesome. The kids were presented with a ghost challenge and they were given the opportunity to manage themselves and hold each other accountable to get through the day. They were excited to go on a day hike where we found an old mine in the mountain. The view at the top of the mountain was worth getting up to the top. The Brumbies had a gathering at the top acknowledging each other for the great work they accomplished throughout the week. It’s great to see where the Brumbies are at. They are a strong bunch of individuals; strong like wild and free Brumbies!


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