Wilderness Weekly 3.15.19

Photo Cred: Trevor Allen

Dingoes: On one of our day hikes two students had a disagreement where they both exhibited ineffective communication styles that left them both not feeling heard. The two students took a moment to pause, step aside from the main group and were able to solve their differences and come to an understanding of one another. Soon after, we climbed to the top of a ridge, where these same two students were honored with the tokens “letting go” and “peace walker”. The group had a great week busting out coals and blowing into flames, as well. One student busted out more coals in one day than he had his entire stay at Outback, and he was able to get fire during his solo multiple times.

Gnowees: This week the group was challenged with the new busting culture. After initial struggles, students began to hone their busting skills, and Hermosa Luna truly shined busting a coal 4 days in a row. During the week, leadership changed hands, and a new logistical leader and emotional leader were chosen based on their strengths and skill set. The students were honored and excited to accept this new challenge. Students enjoyed doing different guided meditations and yoga poses to help ease anxiety and be in the present moment. To end the week the group played a fun game designed to get each member across the “purple lava” that helped inspire trust, communication skills, and problem solving strategies.  

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies experienced a wave of weathers ranging from sunshine to cloudy snowfalls. They all came together in brotherhood and uplifted one another during a challenging cross country hike. We enjoyed our breaks and eventually got to share some laughs while looking at the beautiful stars above. We also learned the importance of integrity and owning our mistakes as the week progressed. We all practiced busting as though it were going out of style. All in all we had an incredible week of growth while showing the best and not so great parts of ourselves!


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week we returned to the lava tubes, exploring the total darkness of the caves. Without external distractions, we talked about how we felt, what was underlying those feelings, and what we could do with that information going forward. We then headed to St. George, to explore the canyons of Red Cliffs. We took in the beautiful scenery and enjoyed the hike. We then climbed at various crags in St. George, and learned how to trust each other on ropes, and how to support one another on the climb. Students pushed themselves physically and mentally to reach the top of complex routes. We then returned to the field to participate in a sweat ceremony. Students shared about what comes next after outBACK, and how they felt about that. Peak Week group had a fantastic week this week.


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