Wilderness Weekly 3.16.18

Gnowees: This week the girls played many new games, went on two long hikes and had many ceremonies. One of the Gnowees received the solid ground token for her work standing her ground and seeing clearly in the face of conflict. The girls made many skills including leather bags, ghost bead necklaces and more. Last but certainly not least our oldest Gnowee went on solo on Monday and will be leaving the group tomorrow. She did amazing work in her time at Outback and her absence will certainly be felt by the group.

Dingoes: One of the Dingoes went on a Boomerang with a couple of staff and crushed it! He began to have a better understanding of his mind-body connection, gained more energy, and experienced the benefits of reducing anxiety through breathe control and meditation. The remainder of the Dingo group conquered a difficult cross-country hike and enjoyed an amazing view of the desert from a new site. One Dingo was honored with the “vital fire” token to recognize his accomplishments in the program as his Outback journey comes to an end. The group maintained a genuine supportive attitude towards each other while continuing to push themselves to grow as individuals. Overall, the warm, sunny days made for an awesome week for the Dingoes!

Brumbies:  Students have really been enjoying skills time.  It is one of the favorite activities for both the students and the staff. Slowing down the mind and learning to place focus on transforming a piece of wood into a specific creation is one of the ways in which our students practice mindfulness.  They have been experimenting with making backpacks, chopsticks, and musical instruments.

Ulurus: This week the Ulurus experienced beautiful spring weather, watching the snow melt off the Simpson mountains. Students initiated many ceremonies this week for tokens and trail names. One of our memorable moments this week was being able to watch the students rally together as a group during a stressful situation at the very end of our week.  We also witnessed many golden sunsets and experienced the first hail and sun showers of the season.


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