Wilderness Weekly 3.17.17


The Brumbies gathered around a massive fire in a well dug fire pit to fire clay pots they sculpted and listened as they learned about having a heart at peace and what it means to take care of your heart.

Giggles were had by all Brumbies as they splashed and puddled in a running stream near by a camp site. They made dams, mini rivers and learned about the local wildlife.

The Brumbies learned about what it takes to keep an emotional and mental “fire” burning, as they made an Apache Match, and carried a coal from one site to another, and lighting the fire at their new site with the coal.



Perched on top of distant hill, the groups gazed down at their camp in the shining sun and honored their leader with a trail name.  Respect and humor came together and a fitting name was born.

Eager with anticipation to push themselves physically, the group awoke in the early morning to start day one of Navy Seal training.  Fueled with food they headed into the wild to conquer a peak! Mission One was accomplished! Well done Dingos.

In a frenzy of backpack creation, spindle spinning, and frantic sewing, the band of Dingos buckled down and finished all first camp assignments. The group is finally united and eager to be together!



Many of the Keets were busy with wonderful and inspiring parent visits which were full of hugs, tears, token ceremonies and showing off their cooking skills.

One of the Keet staff received her first token from the group, Brightness, as a reminder of her bright personality she shares with the girls.

And in great triumph one of the girls busted a coal on her own set for the first time!


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