Wilderness Weekly 3.2.18



The snow, nights with beautiful clear stars, epic mountain vistas, and a positive group culture made this week a glorious week in the Ulurus.  We had two incredible day hikes, one long and epic full pack-up hike, and a lot of rich campfire conversations. Two students received their trail names while two others received tokens in ceremony.  We were fortunate enough to have experienced one ceremony during a beautiful sunset behind mountains on top of a ridge.


The Dingoes completed a difficult hike, breaking trail in the snow and crossing new ground, and finishing strong into therapy site on Sunday night. They provided a strong community for one another, renewing their pillars of Community, Acceptance, Integrity, and Resilience. A Dingo received a token, Winged Heart, in a fireside ceremony on Tuesday night. The presentation of this token was in recognition of his progress through difficult circumstances and his continued growth.


Gnowees had a fun and challenging week in the snow. They completed two strenuous hikes, celebrated two birthdays and they ate chocolate cake by the fire. The Gnowees honored their newest member with a trail name: Timeless Lightning Bolt. The girls worked to navigate conflict amongst themselves with bravery and directness. One Gnowee received a maker token for her amazing art that she’s created and another Gnowee received openness for the willingness she showed throughout the week in all her endeavors.


The Brumbies had a week filled with ceremonies of affirmation.  One of the Brumbies was honored with the Openess token, another Brumbie was honored with both the Brumbie token and a Trail name, while a staff was honored with the Strong Cord token. We were also able to witness a new student being honored with group leadership. The students truly pushed themselves through tough hikes this week in the snow and worked hard to come together as a team. In addition to the hardwork and various ceremonies, two of the Brumbies were able to spend time with their parents enjoying a warm, sunny day together.


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