Wilderness Weekly 3.2.19

Gnowees: The Gnowees have transitioned from a group of newer students beginning their journeys to a group comprised of solid, steadfast, and community oriented ladies in main camp. This helped to bring a healthy Gnowee culture and traditions to the group, and spark excitement and motivation for new students to get to main camp. We were also lucky enough to enjoy a couple of beautiful sunsets during dinner this week. The young ladies of this fierce Gnowee group exhibited incredible ways of beginning repair work by initiating the process of mending relationships and coming together as a stronger group.

Ulurus: With the older students of the group on Peak, the younger students of the Dingoes and Brumbies came together to work as one group while their group members ventured out for Peak Week. The students triumphantly overcame these tribulations that can come creating a cohesive community for the first time. Students displayed deeds of leadership and brotherhood throughout the week. With new additions to the group and the older students gone, the students who remained successfully stepped out of their comfort zones and into bigger roles. With students stepping into leadership and mentor positions, and new students connecting with the group and learning new skills made for a really great week for the group. We also had the chance to bear witness a student receive his trail name, “Honest River”.

Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

Our group enjoyed the warm weather that we experienced in St. George. Everyone attempted climbing and found their own measures of success. Students explored the various hikes of Red Cliffs Canyon. Peak Week students initiated a study hour to work on therapy assignments and school work while dinner was being prepared. 


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