Wilderness Weekly 3.22.19

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a very special week. With several students off on Peak Week for the week, we were able to enjoy a cozy small group experience for the majority of the week. It was a small yet mighty group and they thrived together in learning how to manage such a small group. They worked together planning how to carry group gear on our hikes and yet did not remain small for two long when the group welcomed in several new members. The days were spent adjusting to yet another new shift. The group enjoyed day hikes to beautiful peaks and creek beds filled with willow. The weather was so nice everybody was able to soak up some rays and layer down to only T-shirts.

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had another great and eventful week. We were able to shed some layers as the sun made an overdue appearance in the field. We welcomed a new student into the group this week, two Gnowees were honored with tokens, and one Gnowee was given the name Enlightened Heart. Enlightened Heart was also reunited with her parents during a Family Expedition. Three other Gnowees went on solo to prepare for their parent visits where their parents learned to use bull roars. Bull roars give way for parents and students to communicate through a unique sound that helps them identify the meeting location where parents initially reunite with their children. This process of finding one another and that moment of coming together is indescribable and one that leaves a lasting memory. Also this week, members of the Gnowee group discussed intended and unintended impacts of gossiping and came together more as a group. Skills worked on this week included making moccasins, bull roars, and busting kits.

Goannas: The group handled the week well as they worked to establish group culture expectations with help from the senior members. The Goanna pillars were also created by using the acronym BREAKTHROUGH which stands for brotherhood, reliable, equality, accountability, kindness, trustworthy, humble, respectful, openness, understanding, gratitude, and hopeful. Each day we pointed out instances of these pillars where we saw ourselves and other members doing well. Several group members were presented with several tokens that highlighted what we witnessed intrinsically within them. The group worked hard on making new U-frame backpacks, and putting effort working on their fire making sets. An amazing day hike to explore the new cottonwood and willow groves got everyone excited about busting and making new U frame backpacks. And last but certainly not least, capture the flag was played.

Brumbies: We started the week splitting our group and had a “parting ways” ceremony to honor the caring and supportive relationships students had formed throughout their time together. Two students had outtakes on Thursday and we honored them with a goodbye ceremony. We had three beautiful days of hiking with the sunshine, and students were thrilled that it has finally become “t-shirt weather”. Two students had parent visits and they made bull roars and spent the night outside on solo to prepare for their visits. The group had a ceremonious day on Monday, with one student receiving a Vital Fire token and another student being appointed as the group’s emotional leader. A student was honored with a trail naming ceremony on Wednesday, and accepted the name Brotherly Hyena. The group continues to have a strong busting culture and welcomed three students into main camp throughout the week after they completed their first camp assignments. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Trevor Allen


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