Wilderness Weekly 3.23.18

Dingoes: The Dingoes began this week with a couple of brief winter storms of mixed hail and snow, and did their best to prepare by practicing their busting skills, performing yoga/deep breathing exercises, and playing games to keep warm. During this preparation time they welcomed a new Dingo to their ranks and said goodbye to one of their fellow veteran Dingos. After a couple of days of winter preparation, the Dingoes set off and finished an aggressive three mile hike! The pace set was strong, and the miles fell before their mighty strides. The site that they reached was a beautiful one, and their new position allowed great views of the deserts and the mountain ranges beyond. Not only was it beautiful because of landscapes, but also because the Dingoes rallied together to honor two special group members in a bora ground. One received the Giver token for his generous spirit and care for others, the other received the Winged Heart token for his ability to face new challenges both within the desert, and within himself. The group spent the rest of their time this week at this site and welcomed one more Dingo to join their generous tribe. Games like Everybody’s It and Handball were played (with a hand-crafted, juniper stuffed ball), and many delicious dinners were made in the giant “T” shaped fire pit. Overall the Dingoes enjoyed an awesome week, and were grateful as the Winter weather seemed to be waning with sights set on the upcoming Spring.

Brumbies: The Brumbies had a week full of laughter and hikes. During the week, the Brumbies completed a few day hikes and even discovered an old military bus and mine. The Brumbies gained a new member who quickly learned all the needed skills to complete First Camp. Many projects were crafted during skills time including stone necklaces, bracelets, spoons, and a drum. The Brumbies honored a staff with a Trail Naming Ceremony and honored a therapist with a student-made necklace. Lastly, the Brumbies worked hard on perfecting their busting sets and practiced blowing coals into flames. A couple Brumbies attempted a busting challenge where they were timed to collect and make all items for a busting set and bust a coal. It was a fun week in the Outback!

Ulurus: The Uluru showed their creativity this week by creating a chess set, and other board games during their skills time. Four members of the Uluru earned tokens this week and one member went on solo as he prepares to complete his walkabout and transition into life after Outback. The Uluru also welcomed a new member to the group who quickly completed their first camp with the help of his mentors. We closed the last ceremony of the week with our best rendition of the National Anthem.

Gnowees: The week started out at one of our favorite sites—Snow Plow. There, the group said goodbye to one of their members. The next morning we hiked north into a snow storm where we spent time busting a fire well into the evening. The group worked hard this week on making fire together, supporting one another and welcoming a new group member on Friday. We spent time making all sorts of things from dream catchers to clay pots. We honored Rising Blossom with the Gnowee token and Silent Mountain received a special “dog” token for being a hound whisperer. The Gnowees played lots of games, sang many songs, and hiked like champions.


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