Wilderness Weekly 3.24.17



One Brumbie received his trail name – Determined Warrior – as well as the Solid Ground token. Five more Brumbies were also honored with tokens, including Letting Go, Winged Heart, Maker, Openness and Hewed Stone. It was incredible! 2 of these tokens were given to members of the group by the group leader, who has really taken an interest in the other members of the group and is doing his best to recognize the strengths of each student. We also hiked/peaked Indian on Thursday as a group! It was incredible! They supported one another, to make sure they all completed the peak together. We were able to do a sweat lodge on Sunday with our Field Director, Melissa, and had a great, yet very sweaty, experience. The boys loved being able to put the lodge together, fire up the stones, and participate. Many found it very meaningful, and thought provoking.


Games, games and more games! The group played a lot of games this week, most notably being being Ninja, Manhunt, and Camo! They are also supporting one another more in hikes and therapy. The group is becoming able to give one another supportive and constructive feedback to further develop them.


This week we hiked the base of Red Pine Mountain and had a lovely picnic overlooking the valley! Over the next several days we celebrated three of our Keets who have completed the program and plan to move on to the next phase of their journey and welcomed our newest Keet. To end the week we relaxed by the fire and worked on creating gifts for our families!


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