Wilderness Weekly 3.29.19

Dingoes: This week the Dingoes experienced an array of weather patterns. We also welcomed a new member to the group while a few students graduated first camp. We had a good week full of brotherhood, morning meditations, hikes, views, and laughs. Some of us verbalized we had not giggled this hard in a very long time.

Gnowees: The Gnowees hiked hard this week and completed an amazing 4 mile hike! The group worked hard on busting every night. Two Gnowees made it through their last week and were honored with tokens. Another Gnowee was given her trail name, Spirited Supernova, and the group also decided to give a staff his trail name, Soulful Sky. We celebrated the Spring equinox by changing our shelters from winter to summer, and the students embraced this change in good spirits. All Gnowees are now out of first camp and having a fantastic time enjoying each other’s company in main camp.

Goannas: The Goannas faced a hard week with varying weather this week. The long hikes and challenging terrain in the beginning of the week led to a growth in the group’s communication as well as teamwork. With the two veteran leaders of the group departing, newer members were propelled into taking on new responsibilities. As the unpleasant weather dissipated later in the week, the Goannas thrived in putting their day time hours to good use. Skills, games and ceremonies filled the latter days of the week, ending with a shift of leadership and tighter group all together.

Brumbies: One student received the token “brightness” and another received his trail name, Courageous Mustang. One day we walked to a pack of wild horses and saw that they had a baby with them that must have been only a day or two old. The kids worked very well together, especially towards the end of the week, they were encouraging each other and had a blast working on skills.

PHOTO CREDIT: Trevor Allen


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

Our group had a gathering in the Fillmore Lava Tubes this week, and shared a rare moment of silence. When relentless weather rolled in, we took shelter in a cave to wait out the storm, and played games and laughed together as a Peak crew. Our week was spotted with occasional conflicts, both personal and interpersonal, which were utilized as growth opportunities. We spent two days overcoming fears while climbing and rappelling in St. George. After ending the week with a relaxing soak in the local hot springs, we settled into a ceremony where four tokens were given out to students and staff for their various virtues.


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