Wilderness Weekly 3-3-17

Brumbies and Dingos:

In a rare but awesome event our two boys’ groups came together for one day. Meeting halfway between camps, the Brumbies and the Dingoes joined forces to celebrate the leadership, sacrifice and mentorship of their peers.  Many games were played and honor was paid to members who worked to continue the positive culture.

Two members of the Dingoes received tokens honoring their strengths as leaders.  Faces were painted with the snow-capped mountains as witnesses. And silhouetted by the shadows and flames, the Dingoes wore crafted masks representing their other identities in a gathering aimed at dissolved those disguises.  Vulnerability and honesty prevailed and their alter egos were burned.

In another ceremony the leader of the Brumbies was given a trail name and the group was lead in a bread making class where they learned to make bread pockets.


The girls had a great week with ceremonies during the beautiful desert sunsets. They also enjoyed reading The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior every night and discussing it the next day and applying the principles learned and discussed. The girls also had a blast playing contact and other games and ending the evenings learning about the different constellations.



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