Wilderness Weekly 3.30.18

Brumbies: The Brumbies saw their small group receive new students this week and excitement was around for how these new young men would become members of the group. Our leader of the group continued to help facilitate discussions around the core pillars of what it is to be a Brumbie. These core pillars of Fun, Integrity, Respect, and Effort were discussed daily and as the group reviewed the future of the Brumbie clan, they decided to add another core pillar to the ranks: Trust. The revised core pillars are now Fun, Integrity, Trust, Effort, and Respect. The week closed as the group prepared to say goodbye to one of their brothers as he departs this week for the next part of his journey.

Ulurus: This week was filled with a lot of magic and a lot of hard work! The Ulurus crushed transitioning to the spring hiking schedule, hiking most days of the week over the foothills of the Simpson mountains. We had a powerful ceremony under the stars for two students leaving the group, and had two parents visit us in the desert. We found a lot of beautiful rocks and arrowheads in the washes of the mountains this week, and saw many lizards emerge from their winter hiding spots. Leadership was transferred to a new Uluru student member, and the group got ready to say goodbye to two of its departing members.

Dingoes: This week was filled with personal growth and team building for the Dingoes. The group is beginning to work really well as a team. Students began to work through their problems with transitioning, and hiking. They finished the week strong, demonstrating more motivation and newly acquired personal coping strategies, which led to better hikes and more productive conversations. We had a token ceremony for a student who was having a particularly tough time entering the program, but he has shown a great deal of personal growth over the course of the week. Two other students and a staff received their trail names, and another welcomed his parents to the desert with open arms and a smile. We explored washes around camp, examining flint rocks, and harvesting Juniper roots for busting kits. The group also took great strides in their ability to communicate with their peers. During a football game, students were congratulating each other, working with each other to make plays, and holding themselves accountable for their own penalties. Overall the group is taking steps in the right direction, coming together, and supporting one another to achieve their goals.

Gnowees: This was a big transition week, as the group got newer staff, had tarps instead of shelters, and the group hiked three days in a row. These challenges gave rise for leadership for newer students as well as increased teamwork in the group. Learning to build the group tarp in the strong wind provided an opportunity to practice assertive communication, such as feedback. The group experienced the change of two students leaving this upcoming Thursday. One of the girls had a positive experience with her parent visit. One student received the token of awakening, which she was very proud of. All three students busted on their solos! The girls enjoyed a new game called “Miss Merri-Ma’am”, which included lots of laughter.


“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” ~ T.S. Eliot


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