Wilderness Weekly 3.8.19

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a growth filled week focused around building a positive, hard working group culture. The week began with pushing through some tough physical stressors in order to complete multiple hike days. Although Thursday was sun filled and warm, the hikes Friday-Sunday were based around snow and rain. The group worked extra hard on busting fires, and the key to success for them was teamwork. Later in the week, the group placed a heavy emphasis on their fire making kits and now every member of the group has a complete set. It has been rather impressive seeing how the serious effort the group has been putting into their fire making journeys. Some of the Gnowees also worked on completing their first camp assignments and two members moved on to main camp. They were welcomed and crowned with a Gnowee ceremony!

Brumbies: This week we had two students graduate from First Camp and the group did a welcoming ceremony for each of them as they joined main camp. We received a new student on Friday and did an introduction circle to get to know everyone in the group. The group rallied on a snowy Sunday to complete a 4 mile hike to a new campsite. The students found a lot of “desert treasure” on the hike, and they were especially excited about collecting animal bones that they found in a water tank. We had a gathering based on the book Where the Wild Things Are and students discussed the idea of rules, what it would be like to make all of the rules all of the time, and how to be resilient when they are not always able to make autonomous choices.

Dingoes: It was an eventful week for the Dingoes starting with saying goodbye to one Dingo as he ended his Outback journey. We then hiked four consecutive days including one four mile hike in the snow. The Dingoes were very supportive of each other during hikes as well as packing up and setting up camps. Honest River was reunited with his parents and honored them with tokens in addition to being honored with a token of his own. The students created a ceremony to give one special staff the Dingo token. Tranquil Ocean received Vital Fire and Capable Juniper received Winged Heart. Two students were on solo preparing to end their journey at Outback. We also had a lot of time for skills towards the end of the week.


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