Wilderness Weekly 4.14.17

The Brumbies honored a member of the group by holding a token ceremony. The honored member received the Maker token for his enthusiasm when creating anything from a possibility bag to emotional safety.

The Brumbies also went on a day hike and found water in the desert in which the group had fun making a pool. And then ended the day with a beautiful full moon.

One Dingo had a birthday this week! He turned 15 and to celebrate, the group had an exciting ceremony complete with donuts in one of the coolest Bora grounds at their site.

Wilderness therapy girls hiking snow

The girls had a wonderful goodbye ceremony for the Keets who were leaving the dessert. One of our newer staff received her trail name. They had a great day hike to the top of a hill and then enjoyed a dinner all together celebrating the newest Lorikeet leaving first camp.


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