Wilderness Weekly 4.18.20

Photo Credit: Jessica Jo Stenquist
Primary Therapist
Adolescent Girls Group – Gnowees

Dingoes:  This week our theme was family so we discussed family relationships and how those same relationship traits carry into the group. We worked on developing an efficient packing routine and although we have room for improvements we saw progress. A highly challenging hike was met with great attitudes and accomplished by all. We were also accompanied by wild horses and great views. We honored one Dingo with a trail name of Playful Wolf and gave two tokens. These tokens included winged heart and truth speaker.  The kids worked especially hard on busting and worked to improve their sets. During skills the kids worked to make possibility bags where they can keep items they find while hiking and trail snacks for the road. 

Gnowees: This week the Gnowees worked hard on Ngarnas and learning new skills. We hiked to some beautiful willow trees and made new backpacks with the lighter wood. We also enjoyed making drums with the intention of harnessing our individual heartbeat into the drums and celebrating our voices! The group learned new meditations focusing on gratitude and stress relief. A few of the students were able to lead their first guided meditations. Atop a hillside, a Gnowee received their trail name of Inspiring Grey Wolf. Later in the week we gathered in a grove of oak trees to honor another Gnowee with the trail name of Blossoming Lilac. We finished the week strong with some beautiful sunny desert skies. 

Brumbies: The group functioned excellently despite losing two vital members early in the week as they left for the next part of their journeys.  There were new leadership roles for two students who thrived in their respective positions. We had a new student from first camp join the group, where he was immediately welcomed and incorporated seamlessly into group culture. The highlight of the week was a sunset ceremony where two students were honored with tokens delineating their journeys and achievements. Throughout the week students made great strides both on their personal goals and as a unit. Fun and productivity are the two words that sum up the week.


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This week in first camp, we experienced a hike from one campsite to another while navigating challenging weather that brought us all closer together through it all. We spent many hours in camp working on skills like pack making, spoon making, and leather sewing projects. The group also got to know each other through some vulnerable gatherings. We got to know the area we were camping in pretty well after a few day hikes and games throughout the week. Overall, all of us grew from this week mentally, emotionally, and physically.


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