Wilderness Weekly 4.20.18

Brumbies: Brumbies had a really productive and fun-filled week. We hiked our tails off, clocking in nearly twenty miles throughout the week. The group got out of camp in record time and logistically, did so well, they received a Ghost challenge (wherein staff help minimally) on our hardest hike day (5 miles and almost 2,000 feet in elevation gain). The group focused on vulnerability and deeper emotions. One of our Brumbies received the trail name “Brotherly Oak” due to his loyalty and stability within the group. We welcomed a new Brumbie who, within a day, made fire with a bow drill and crafted a spoon. The group made rings out of antler and finished strong by peaking a mountain near camp.

Dingoes: This week we spent our time hiking through some of the coolest canyons in the field (Death Canyon and Broad Canyon). We went further up the canyon than any of the guides have ever been. We went up to a saddle in between the two canyons, and honored Honorable Rose with the Dingo token! Leadership was switched over to Vibrant Horizon who has been leading the group to a very good place. The Dingoes have very bright futures on the horizon. We spent the week enjoying spring weather, finding desert flowers, and teaching the boys new games. Everyone’s happy and healthy.

Gnowees: This week was PEAK WEEK for the Gnowees! The young ladies of the group experienced climbing to the top of a peak not once, not twice, but three times! We had great weather for most of the week that allowed us to push ourselves to summit some points in the Kegs. Two Gnowees received tokens; Fearless Flame got the giver for her generosity of time and spirit while Timeless Lightening Bolt got strongcord for bringing the group together in tough times. Lightening Bolt also went on solo so that she could prepare for the next portion of her journey.

Ulurus- The Ulurus gained a new member this week. Each day was filled with belly-splitting laughter as Uluru members got to know each other better. The Ulurus focused on the clinical theme of RESILIENCE this week. Members shared physical and emotional scars and practiced mindfulness daily through deep breathing, meditation, water coloring, recording thoughts, and focusing on sounds around them. One highlight of the week was playing wiffle ball in an open field next to a canyon side. During the game, hawks soared overhead, and the group could hear squawking echoing off the canyon side. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The Uluru completed many hikes this week and worked hard as a team to pack up and set up camp. One fierce Uluru made it out of first camp to joining the main group. Lastly, the Uluru stretched their minds by telling riddles by the fire. It was an awesome week!


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