Wilderness Weekly 4.21.17


This week we had a big rain and wind storm come through the field. Camp was scattered and wet buthighlights4.17 the boys came together to work hard to clean up and stay dry and help each other out. One student ran each student’s site to help get dry clothes. The Brumbies pushed through this challenging task, and were ultimately able to return to their sleeping shelter dry and happy.


The Dingos enjoyed five wonderful sleep-filled nights under the stars and started a routine of becoming early risers. They also went an exploratory day-hike where they went hiked through the backcountry and found a river with a forest of leaning Willow in Indian Springs. While there they soaked there feet and became one with the river. The Dingos also started doing intentional meditation before hikes to start acquiring peace of mind and help shift their mindsets into packing up camp more efficiently.


The Keets embraced a less than ideal situation and took a surprise thunder storm as a chance to make the most of it and giggle and have fun in the rain! A also Keet received a token, True Speaker, for her insight into both herself and the group. We then were able to soak in some sun rays on a beautiful hill top after a short hike.


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