Wilderness Weekly 4.27.19

Dingoes: This week was full of games, music, and ceremony in the Dingoes! We had beautiful views throughout the week along with mostly wonderful weather. The boys were very excited to honor one another in ceremonies this week along with appreciating each other through honest and vulnerable gatherings. Overall the Dingoes got a lot out of this week. Although there were moments of frustration and trying times, the group came together as a result of working through them to give way to deeper appreciation and understanding of one another!

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a busy week with two students transitioning to main camp at the beginning of the week. We enjoyed a lovely hike this week and utilized much needed time to work on skills where most students busted coals and blew into flames. One student finished her “chaco” sandals just in time for the nice weather which we enjoyed at the end of the week. We honored a Gnowee with her second token Vital Fire and honored a staff with a token. We pulled together strongly as a group this week, making sure everyone felt supported as we processed some difficult emotions.

Goannas: This week we discussed and learned about creating and maintaining emotionally safe spaces and how to apply that in our group. We all learned to support each other through challenging emotions and grew closer from the experiences. We enjoyed a sunny week with only one day of rain. The hike was nice and we found a lot of beautiful rocks while playing in the natural spring. We also worked really hard on busting and helped problem solve it with one another. Overall we had an excellent week in the Goannas. G


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week on peak there was a larger group, which often times can be overwhelming for the students; however, this particular group was able to jump right in and create a cohesive and efficient group. The students worked very well with one another and had multiple intentional conversations and vulnerable gatherings. One specific gathering occurred at the Fillmore Lava Tubes, where we went deep into one of the caves, turned off our head lamps, and began an emotional check in. Because it was absolute darkness, it seemed the students were really able to focus on listening to one another, and what began with an emotional check-in quickly developed into an hour and a half long gathering in which every student participated while respecting one another’s space. The next day the group climbed at Green Valley Gap, where each student challenged themselves and motivated one another to climb. On the third day, we went on a several mile hike at Red Cliffs. Here, we stopped in a giant cave overlooking the cottonwoods and red rocks in the valley below. We also spent time journaling in our shadow keepers. After that, we cooled off in the bubbling waters that meandered through the stone. Shotgun Alley was our next climbing destination, where we climbed until early evening before having a family centric dinner. Our second to last day was spent at the hot springs just outside our field area, where students were able to relax for an hour or so before heading back into the field. Finally, the week was capped off by a spiritual sweat lodge, where students voiced what qualities and characteristics they want to shed, as well as the characteristics of which they are proud.


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