Wilderness Weekly 4.28.17


As one student’s reign comes to an end, another promising leader was selected to lead the group.  His direct yet humble style will inevitably improve the culture even more!

Poised in a bora ground between walls of rain, the Brumbies honored not only one, but two members with tokens. One staff received praise for her hard work and commitment to the team, and the other student received the Brumbie token, the most coveted of all.

Conquering distant hills like forbidden castles, the Brumbies explored the mountains with excitement and wonder.  They took in the views and explored the washes with the utmost energy.


The Dingos had another great week. We did a wonderful day where we were able to almost summit one of the biggest peaks in our area. One of our members received his first token in a beautiful ceremony with his mother. 3 of the Dingos had parent visits this week, it was so amazing watching families reunite and begin their journey toward family healing. Several Dingos were also able to create fire this week and the team as a whole is growing much more proficient at busting.  Our team is a maker team and many of them are making possible bags. 


Finn, one of our amazing field dogs, received the Brightness Token for his cheerful personality he shares with the girls. After a rainstorm, the girls saw two double rainbows two days in a row!

Kendra also brought out art supplies and the girls painted a “self-portrait” but with showing their ‘identity, resilience, family and relationships, and vision”.

Staff and student’s received tokens this week! Truth speaker, Brightness, Solid Ground, Strong Cord and Journey Keeper were all given! And one Keet had a great parent visit and she busted her first coal!


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