Wilderness Weekly 4.6.18

Gnowees: The girls got to see two Gnowees move on in their journey. During their goodbye ceremony they gave two other Gnowees tokens, brightness and journey keeper. We then got to have a Gnowee enter main camp after getting out of first camp; she also received a token, vital fire, for her hard work and persistence. A new trail name was given to a student, fearless flame. We had time to both relax while making sandcastles together and also hiked up to 12 miles throughout the week!

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a week filled with lots of movement. The group hiked three times in three consecutive days (a new record for many students and staff!).  The group filled the week with games of football, “poison dart frog,” and catch.  On both site hikes and day hikes, the group came across many neat finds, including the near entirety of a cow skeleton, and an old mine shaft.  The group spent lots of time singing and talking about favorite books throughout the week, and enjoyed playfully making up new songs about the Dingoes crew!

Brumbies: The Brumbies had a fun and exciting week full of laughter, stories, personal growth, and physical and mental challenges. This week, the Brumbies focused on family. They created family genograms, shared family memories, and reflected on relationships with their parents, siblings, and other significant members of their family. On Friday and Saturday, one Brumby shared the experience of celebrating Passover. He taught the Brumbies the history and story behind Passover, and the Brumbies shared a Passover meal while singing songs. The Brumbies hiked almost every day. Even though they experienced some challenges, each Brumby persevered and completed each hike as a group. At camp, the Brumbies worked hard on skills creating spoons, wooden rings, and perfecting their busting sets. The weather was great, which allowed some Brumbies to search for lizards and sing the National Anthem in the sunshine. One fierce Brumby made it out of First Camp to join his fellow Brumbies. It was a great week in the Outback!

Ulurus: The Ulurus attempted a peak hike this week and were both honored on said hike. One student received his trail name, while the other received the token “Hewed Stone”. They are working very well together, and one student who has been struggling in terms of his head space lead a gathering on our last night that went very well.


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