Wilderness Weekly 4.7.17


SO MANY! One of the students made some delicious banana cream pie in his cup and it looked delicious and another Brumbie made carrot cake over the fire!Two first campers busted on another camper’s set and were able to make it out of first camp and make fire for the first time! Two of our most senior Brumbies received the Brumbies token for upholding the Brumbies pillars – respect, integrity, vulnerability and resilience. Another Brumbie sewed together a football out of leather and sage and the group has been playing with it all weekend. One Brumbie is even working on carving all the pieces to a chess set!


The Dingoes slept out under the stars two nights in a row, and had a gathering about how to tell time by using the Big Dipper. On the first morning after sleeping out, they watched their first real sunrise in the desert. The group then saw an Antelope about 20 yards away from them before their hike. They also began capturing and naming pet beetles while they waited for the rest of the group to pack up.


Two girls in the group got their trail names this week: Luminous Moon and Trailblazing Comet. Trailblazing Comet has now taken on leadership in the group as well. The Lorikeets had a sweat lodge with the field director in which they focused on mindfulness and what might be preventing them from reaching their goals.


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