Wilderness Weekly 5.1.20

Dingoes:  We were greeted with beautiful weather for the majority of the week with highs in the 70’s and plenty of sunshine. The boys enjoyed several hikes through which the group moved swiftly as a crew. We practiced the art of fire making which has greatly improved over the last few weeks. We spent lots of time on skills where some boys made sandals to wear around camp, one student made a bow along with arrows, and a quiver was also made. We had some great gatherings on how to get out of the box, a goals gathering, a student led vulnerability gathering, and a gathering on the mountains of our life and how to reach the top. We finally reached the other side of the Simpson Mountain Range which gave the boys a chance to take in a new view! We ended the week at a site with a beautiful view from which we could observe a herd of wild horses.   

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a wonderful week enjoying the spring weather. They were able to find blooming wildflowers, observe the lizards and watch a magical moonset. The group found an even stronger sense of community helping each other make fire and introduce new challenges as they have become so proficient in this skill. The students took the lead with gatherings as they were excited to share the tools and lessons they have learned with one another. Bright Hummingbird received the Giver token in a wonderful ceremony led by their peer. We also honored a Gnowee with the much deserved Winged Heart token.

Brumbies:  We had several new additions to the group this week. The growth in the group did not stop the Brumbies from their ascension and they exhibited a strong commitment to supporting one another. Four students got tokens this week, including three openness tokens and one vital fire token. Another student received his trail name, Inquisitive Sea Turtle. We found a spring near one of our sites where the students had a chance to swim around and cool off. We also saw about THIRTY wild horses that hung around just outside of our camp!

Ulurus: This week the Uluru group formed strong with stellar pillars; resilience, openness, adaptability, compassion, empathy, and respectfulness. Each individual did their part to uphold these pillars and came together as a rock solid group. We enjoyed a week of hiking, busting, and working to form a group culture that would last and one in which passed on a positive legacy for future Ulurus to uphold. The Ulurus finished the week strong with a feedback gathering and setting expectations for the upcoming week. 


Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

This week of First Camp was a wild and fun one! This transient group, by design, gives way to a student milieu that comes with students who begin their outBACK journey in one group and transition on to their intended group. Through all of the transitions, we witness incoming students who work to keep their spirits high. We did a mini hike that the group crushed and all the students got right to work making spoons and backpacks. Additionally, we played word games like 20 questions, rabbit or wrench, and had a blast solving riddles. We even had a night where we enjoyed the night sky as we told star stories and pointed out the constellations that could be seen. 


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