Wilderness Weekly 5.12.17

With toes dipped in the refreshing spring the Brumbies honored an older member with a coveted trail name. Then after a day of therapy and work, two of the Brumbies were honored for their outstanding character and displays of strength with a token.

Parents and students united after during the parent visit to share stories with one another. Love and healing enriched the weekend for all involved.

As resilience week comes to an end, the Brumbies celebrated their hard work with a fire. This was no
ordinary fire, for it was the bonfire which made their clay pots into porcelain! All pots survived the endeavor.

A new student received leadership Wednesday morning.

Then a Dingo was honored with the Openness token Tuesday afternoon. The group also honored a Staff with the Seeker token at sunset Tuesday evening in a beautiful moonlit ceremony.

The Keets had 3 parent visits this week! And a Lorikeet received the Winged Heart token

The girls packed up and hiked with their backs to the sunset Tuesday night. It was a record camp break
down and hike time and the view was wonderful.

This week the girls welcomed “Aspen”, the hand cart, to the family. The girls sanded and oiled the cart before using it on two hikes this week.


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