Wilderness Weekly 5.15.20

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen
Primary Therapist
Adolescent Boys Group – Brumbies

Dingoes:   The Dingoes were able to succeed and overcome challenges and enjoy the hikes this week. While hiking the Dingoes were excited to find obsidian; a type of black glass that we are able to utilize because of the indigenous people who transplanted it up in our course area. The group worked together to come up with strategies to help other students as they faced their own emotional and physical challenges. The importance of community truly resonated when one student who was struggling to hike up a steep hill, and the other members of the group stepped up to help and encourage him. The students also expressed interest in honoring each other throughout the week and the care for one another was truly visible throughout our time together this week.  

Gnowees: This week the Gnowees came together and discovered what a Gnowee family feels like. They came together to push through hikes with a handcart and ended the week with much pride in themselves and each others’ successes. Together they facilitated a beautiful ceremony to honor a few of their staff members and the lessons they have learned together. Half way through the week, the Gnowees found a “desert pineapple” and talked about the importance of bringing and making magic out of life’s events. The group loved seeing the wild desert flowers bloom all around them and were reminded of the ways they are blooming as individuals. 

Brumbies: The group said goodbye to two leaders this week, which inspired other students to step up and thrive in leadership roles. Three students received their trail names and several others were honored with tokens. Despite the varying challenges the group faced, they were able to overcome and finish hikes quickly while maintaining wonderful attitudes.  The students and staff both were overcome with joy by the accomplishment of a four mile hike that had the entire group trekking in a beautiful pace throughout the experience.   

Ulurus: This week started with the outgoing of two of our students. The group responded very well and crushed it on two long hikes filled with adventures and one short hike. We also climbed a knoll on a night hike. One of our students was sent a star chart and guided us on a journey through the night sky. We also honored two students with trail names and 5 tokens, (Adventures Redwood, and Inspiring Phoenix). The week ended with everyone practicing their busting and going on adventures to find spindles and new boards.  


Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

We started off the week with some group journaling about goals for the day and for their time here at outBACK. They all worked really hard at working through First Camp. Three students transitioned out of first camp and into their home groups this week. While with us, these students were able to complete their backpacks, keeper pouch, spoons, and busted a flame. They all did a great job adjusting to the new environment. We all enjoyed eating pineapple while watching the sunset. A few students started on personal projects, such as writing a book and craving forks. 


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