Wilderness Weekly 5.18.18

Brumbies: We had another excellent week in the Brumbs! For some reason it snowed in mid-May. It was 80 degrees all week, then Saturday it snowed until noon! We were alright though. All the boys are hiking and busting well. We managed to get Sunday off hiking so we played oodles and doodles of games, and went on a day hike down to a nearby river. The valley the river was in was awesome! There was some cool trees we didn’t recognize, lots of places to play around like kids, and I (Soulful Wave) brought my guitar, so we enjoyed a well-deserved day off by the river. Other than that, it was a pretty regular week in the Brumbies. We laughed, we talked about life, and we enjoyed all the magic our wonderful desert has to offer. It should be another great week in the Brumbies.
Ulurus: A great big shout out to the group for allowing themselves to become vulnerable and honest with one other this week. The group had a chance for a beautiful day hike to Petroglyphs, practice skills as a community of Ulurus, as well as have some of the group members experience incredible introspections during solos. Our evening groups and discussions centered around vulnerability and connection and we had the opportunity to welcome a new member into the group.
Dingoes: The Dingoes had a glorious week out in Utah’s West Desert full of fun, games, and skills. A number of the Dingoes decided to try their hands at the time consuming, and difficult task of making “U-Frame” packs. Though everyone ended up cracking their willow before achieving the desired U shape, they all showed resilience and determination in their efforts. The Dingo’s also played games at every opportunity and especially enjoyed going through the desert playing “Camo”. Though the Dingoes had to say goodbye to one of their group (Determined Ember) early in the week, another received his trail name (Tenacious Thunder) and also the vital fire token. Overall it was an amazing week!
Gnowees: The Gnowees had an incredible week of hikes, skills and supporting one another. The Gnowees had 4 hikes this week and grew more confident with each one. Some highlights from the week were helping our first camper finish her backpack and officially join the group as a Gnowee, a trail naming ceremony for Iridescent Moonlight, a day hike that included seeing the wild horses and caterpillar races. The girls were all pushed to grow this week in themselves as well as in the group.


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