Wilderness Weekly 5.19.17


We were able to do a night hike and the boys appreciated the sunset and had a great nightly gathering/group on resilience. Multiple students were also given tokens, as they are opening up more to the group and being more honest and open with each other. One student was also given his trail name. We climbed to the top of a flat top mountain and enjoyed the view as a golden eagle soared by.


The dingos shared in ceremonies with 3 new trail names and two tokens. Enjoyed guitar, drumming, singing and dancing by the fire and sunset. The Dingos enjoyed three nights star gazing and sleeping under the stars.


A Lorikeet got a trail name and a token this week; Spunky Butterfly is her trail name and she received the Letting Go token in an awesome ceremony to celebrate her A field of wildflowers at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, a wilderness therapy program for teens greatness. The group ventured on a hike along a river where they enjoyed the beautiful desert spring scenery and flowers.


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