Wilderness Weekly 5.25.19

Dingoes: While it was a wet and emotionally challenging week for the Dingoes, the community forging through the ups and downs far outweighed the negatives. The week began with a warm goodbye to Firey Sunset and a day of skills and reflection. The next day brought with it a two mile, cross country hike to a new site as well as a leadership handoff and an emotionally challenging gathering that evening. Resilient Wolf received a Vital Fire token on Saturday while the day was dominated by a hike-back to our previous site to resolve a misplaced ground tarp. After a wet and cold hike to our therapy site, the group rallied together to set up three separate main camps and dried off next to warm and cozy bonfires. The week concluded with an emotionally challenging yet powerful group therapy session and a peak week bon voyage for Spirited Otter, Resilient Wolf, and Unyielding stream.

Gnowees: In the midst of life’s journey and the challenges that come with it, the Gnowee group became stronger as they supported one another in the face of their trials. We got eight days of rain, hail, wind, and snow. The sun did decide to greet us a few times. We took full advantage of that and basked in the warm sunshine. We also came together and productively resolved issues within the group. We watched as our newest Gnowee blossomed and learned to acknowledge and cope with depression and navigating through difficult things with beauty and grace. Even with the challenges this week presented, the Gnowees were resilient and ended the week as true goddesses of the light.

Goannas: Another week of transitions for Goannas who faced departing elders and a shift in leadership. With weather working against them the team continued to rally and build moral support for the new Goanna member. The team gained momentum as there pack time decreased throughout the week as their hikes became longer and they continued to conquer everyday chores more efficiently. Humble Creek, a departing elder, received the Goannas group token in an emotional goodbye ceremony at the end of the week.

Brumbies: The Brumbies learned to work together to overcome many challenges this week. Despite the varying weather patterns, the Brumbies were able to create strong bonds and grow closer as a family. After the group split, the new and younger group of Brumbies were able to step up and fill the roles left behind by the older students. The students took on new responsibilities and learned new skills in order to fill the roles of the students that moved on to form another group at Outback. One of the studenst received a token for his hard work and growth while another got his trail name on his birthday! Overall, it was a challenging but rewarding week in the Brumbies.

Ulurus: This week required a lot of resilience from all of the boys. Forming a new group culture and unpredictable weather challenged the boys this week. Yet despite what life had thrown this group, they were able to overcome it with a positive attitudes. The leadership roles were passed down given the newly formed group and we honored one another through ceremonial acknowledgement of trail names and one’s character. Trail name of Determined Lynx was given, while several members of the group received the Openness, Giver, Brightness, and Solid Ground tokens. The group also established new pillars, which are Respect, Openness, Courage and Strength and were able to read all of the “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” book. This week was a productive week full of new responsibilities, insights, and growth.


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