Wilderness Weekly 5.26.17


Giggles resounded across the hillsides as the Brumbies learned to play a new trust building game: Tanks and Commanders.

In a special surprise ceremony, the Brumbies longtime leader was given the Brumbie token for his devotion to holding himself and his comrades to the pillars of Respect, Integrity, Vulnerability and Resilience

On a day hike, everyone took a relaxing hour of shelter from the wind on a sunny leeward slope to marvel at the intricate biology and geology that makes the west desert such a special place.


A Dingo parted ways to go on a Family Expedition and the group honored him with his Goodbye Ceremony Tuesday night.

The group did a busting challenge, splitting into groups they each had to bring a different piece to the set. They learned great teamwork skills and how to make the best of a situation that is not in your control.

Another busting challenge, zero to flames! The challenge was starting without all the pieces, working in teams to build a set to get the flame.


The students explored their leadership and independence with a ghost Challenge on Friday!

We enjoyed a beautiful camp sitein a canyon with a stream running through Saturday through Wednesday.

The whole group explored a new recipe for breakfast: biscuits and gravy!


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