Wilderness Weekly 5.28.21

Goannas: The Goannas said goodbye to some members at the beginning of the week and also welcomed some new members into the group. The remaining members centered the week around building group culture and tuning up their busting sets. We hiked 13 miles this week, including a day hike where we peaked mountains located near camp. The group admired the various wildflowers that have been blooming and saw a cactus blooming for the first time this season! Once the group reached the therapy site, we had a bullroarer making session and an impromptu spa day where the group got to soak their feet after the long hiking week. 

Brumbies: The Brumbie group this week may have been small, but as the old saying goes–great things come in small packages! Not only did the Brumbies work exceedingly well together, but they held each other to the highest standards of the Brumbie group culture pillars and had a fun week because of it. During one day hike, they were able to play a fun group game atop a large foothill overlooking the west desert and they also had the opportunity to soak their feet in a small mountain stream, which they did to the delight of all. After harvesting some willow plants to make epic backpack frames, spoons and other crafts, they returned to camp happy and tuckered out. The other days went smoothly, with quick pack up times, beautiful hikes and group games. One student has started busting coals in less than 10 seconds, and the others weren’t far behind having all made their own busting sets and utilizing busting hour effectively.

Ulurus: The Uluru had a fantastic week welcoming in some new members into their group this week. The week was filled with lots of fun games and the jokes never stopped. Many of the Uluru pointed out the beautiful sunsets over the vast terrain of mountains, and commented on the moon’s brightness throughout the week. When students were experiencing challenging moments, the other members made sure to support them and try to lift their spirits. Two members were honored with tokens; one being True Speaker and the other with Openness. Overall, the week was filled with big smiles and great teamwork.  

Lorikeets: The Lorikeets had some students go on Peak Expeditions as well as new students joining the group during their absence. The Lorikeets did well welcoming new students and adjusting to the shift in culture and dynamics within their group. The group honored a staff member with the seeker token. The new Lorikeets were able to complete their first camp requirements and joined the group as full-fledged members. One of the new lorikeets was able to bust a solo coal for the first time, while another member got to learn and tandem bust with a senior student. The Lorikeets new and old shared recipe ideas and got creative with their food to create culinary masterpieces while out on the trail. 


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Students from the Goannas, Brumbies, and Lorikeets came together for an exciting Peak week. After an evening in the field, the group was surprised to find out that they were heading down to St. George for the week. The students found themselves to be pushed to their limits by participating in outdoor climbing. Some students struggled emotionally and physically, but the students banded together in order to keep the morale of the group lifted. Being in society was a challenge for the group and they had to find new ways to adjust to their temptations. At the end of the week the students discussed what they learned about themselves and afterwards were eager to rejoin their groups back in the field.


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