Wilderness Weekly 5.29.20

Photo Credit: Greg Burnham
Clinical Director/Primary Therapist
Adolescent Boys Group – Dingoes

Dingoes:  This was a great week for the Dingoes. Two Dingoes headed off onto the next chapter of their journey from our program, while another Dingo transitioned over from first camp. The group crushed it on the hikes this week and they persevered through challenging weather. All of the students worked hard on their busting sets and most were able to bust a coal and blow it into flames. The entire group was able to come together to help each other and work through this week’s challenges. One Dingo was given the trail name of Bright Fox while another Dingo stepped in as a leader and was a great example to the other students.

Gnowees:  This was an amazing week for the Gnowees. The week was focused on heartfelt intentional and mindful living. This was the first week in a while for some of the Gnowees to hike with full packs given how we have been utilizing the support of the handcart during our hikes. Though the hiking was a struggle at times, the Gnowees persevered through their hikes and celebrated their successes with each completed them. Skills building were a big focus this week as well, with several quivers, spoons, and possibles bags crafted. Two staff were honored, one with the Gnowee token, and the other being awarded the Winged Heart token. The senior members of the Gnowees exemplified the meaning of family and community as they helped the newer Gnowees get familiar with desert living while expressing love, compassion, and selflessness.

Brumbies:  The group overcame initial adversity this week and thrived as the week progressed.  The amount of support for one another, the camaraderie and the openness was something to be admired. Multiple students were honored with tokens for the work they have been doing during their time at Outback, and three trail names were also awarded. The hikes were done with vigor and positive attitudes. All in all it was a very successful, joyful shift for all involved.

Ulurus: This was another great week with the Uluru. We started the week by welcoming a new member into our team. We hiked through a beautiful valley and peaked a mountain along the way. Throughout the week we worked on our busting and were challenged to have every member bust a coal by the end of the week. This challenge took lots of motivation, but also required the elders of the groups to teach the newer members. On our day hike we visited an abandoned cabin and found cottonwood, willow, and spruce all of which is rare in the desert. The week ended with a ceremony where we recognized a staff and a students hard work giving out a token to each (Maker to Adventurous Redwood and Brightness to Humble Mountain). The students also organized a trail naming ceremony for a different staff (Golden Sunrise). 


Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

Highlights: This week in first camp we welcomed several new students. They bonded quickly and had fun getting to know each other while playing cornhole, learning new skills, making their backpacks and spoons and attempting to bust. We had some good gatherings and meditations that allowed the students to connect on a deeper level and practice opening up with the group. We had a fun night playing baseball at sunset, sharing many laughs as a small community.


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