Wilderness Weekly 5.5.17

This week the Brumbies performed a peak challenge. At the top of the mountain they threw tokens representing their pasts off the top of the cliff. Today they performed a ghost challenge, which the group leader did a very good job leading. Two students received tokens and another received his trail name. The group had a long mile hike to their therapy site and helped one another with no complaints.

The Dingos had an adventurous week hiking cross-country through deep desert washes and exploring what the land had to offer. The group chased lizards, marveled at ravens and hawks, and embraced the flowers of spring. They also honored each other with several token and trail name ceremonies, and finished the week with a beautiful sunset sweat lodge ceremony.

The Dingos also made trail symbol clay tokens and ‘Letting Go’ clay tokens and ended their day with a sunset walk and slept under the stars. The following day they peaked a mountain on a glorious sunny day and threw their ‘Letting Go’ tokens off the mountain side to shed away any moments of their life where they experienced a Heart at War.

The girls gave the therapeutic support dog, Pepper a trail name this week: Playful Child, as she seemingly has neverending energy for anything that involves fun. A Keet got her trail name, Wild River, as she seems very connected with the desert. There was also lots of time to soak in the sun and play games.
The Keets also went on a sunrise hike to a peak and had a great view! We enjoyed a beautiful basecamp sight filled with Indian Paintbrushes, hummingbirds, a beautiful view, and a natural spring feeding a stream running through!


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