Wilderness Weekly 6.1.18

Gnowees:  This week the Gnowees worked hard to form a cohesive group dynamic. With three newer students and three older students the group worked hard on mentoring the newer ladies and deciding what kind of group they wanted to be. They challenged themselves on difficult hikes, every student busted a coal (many of which were their first ones), and they all had deep and meaningful discussions about their goals for Outback. One of the newest group members received their trail name: we now welcome Sparkling Phoenix into the fold. Additionally two Gnowees received tokens for their hard work on themselves. Overall the week was full of fun, challenge and much success.

Dingoes:  The Dingoes excelled at becoming more self-sufficient this week, camp clean up and hikes went well. The group focused on historical events in family history that may affect how they see the world today. After an almost successful peak hike of 9,000 feet the group turned back due to time constraints. This hike allowed the group to process acceptance related to feelings of excitement and disappointment. Students spent time in an Oak forest area near a creek enjoying a change of scenery and allowing the opportunity to try crafts with other types of wood.

Ulurus:  We had a very dynamic week in the Ulurus. We had some great ceremonies honoring a new student, an older student, and a really touching goodbye ceremony when three of our students went to another group. All of the newer students got out of first camp and are well on their way to busting coals on their very own sets. We accomplished a couple of challenging hikes and the students are coming to understand how resilient they are! Everyone has been trying

new recipes and new skills from setting up shelter to orienteering. The students have been very willing to explore emotional areas and support each other in doing so. We focused a few gatherings on the concept of making choices that support our most full selves.

Brumbies:  The Brumbies had a great week this week. We peaked Indian Mountain on Saturday, and had a couple of really solid hike days. We had several gatherings in which the students were able to be vulnerable with each other and grow through hearing about experiences each group member has had. The students embraced the clinical theme of family and poured themselves into a gathering about regrets, resentments, and resolutions. One of the boys had a parent visit this week and he really enjoyed it. Another two of the boys are preparing to leave Outback tomorrow after lots of progress made and a great stay here. We also merged with a few students from the Uluru group, and the boys had fun getting to know each other through playing games and talking around the campfire.


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