Wilderness Weekly 6.14.20

Dingoes: The Dingoes were fast and efficient this week when getting up in the morning and packing for hike days. They were able to hike on all four expedition days, two of these days consisting of over two mile hikes and less than ideal weather featuring rare June snow and hail. Throughout hiking, Dingoes were able to provide each other with support and were able to complete hikes with relative ease. This week the Dingoes honored a fellow group member and gave him his trail name; Bright Buffalo. When around camp, all Dingoes were able to utilize their time wisely by working on skills and completing Nagarnas. 

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had a bumpy yet ultimately very successful week. Despite challenging weather, the Gnowees completed many successful ceremonies, gatherings and various hikes. Three of our students received tokens this week, two received trail names, and two were officially welcomed into the Gnowee group with a welcome ceremony. The Gnowees had two new arrivals and two departures this week, but overall handled the shifting dynamics very well. The group’s culture shifted and each of the students made new connections, strengthened the ones they had, and worked on their own emotional and personal goals. All of the Gnowees made huge strides in their busting skills, some of them getting coals for the first time, but the group as a whole was very invested in advancing their skills. Overall, the Gnowees grew as a group emotionally and physically this week and helped and supported each other.

Brumbies:  Between this week’s hikes and the spectrum of weather, this week was a trying one for this group of Brumbies. Through all of these challenges, however, the group came together to support one another and see the brightness in everyone. As some of the senior most members of the Brumbies looked ahead towards their path onto their next adventures, new students will be entering into the group to begin theirs at outBACK. The culture of the group inevitably changes due to this flow yet there is a lot of excitement around what is ahead for the group! One of our students, Brave Lotus, was honored with the Peace Walker token and another was given his trail name (Radiant Moth).

Ulurus: This week the Ulurus had a powerful goodbye ceremony for some of their fellow Ulurus. They were sent off with well wishes and brotherly love to begin a new group. The Ulurus maintained their own brotherhood and welcomed some new members. Much support was shown as we taught them busting, how to make backpacks, new recipes, etc. We enjoyed some nice hikes and found some beautiful ravens and giggled at a chipmunk. Another excellent week with the Uluru in the West Desert of Utah. 

Goannas: The Goannas has a great week. We started out as part of the Uluru group and split after a couple days. To commemorate the split we had a face painting ceremony that was very powerful and as we hiked away from the old group everyone was excited to create a new group from the ground up. We went through a pretty exciting storm that really brought the group together and everytime we rolled into a new camp we worked as a team to get everything set up. We climbed to the top of Harvey knoll and had a gathering about “letting go” and every kid in the group was able to get very vulnerable and share personal life stories. 


Check Out What’s Happening In 1st Camp @ outBACK

This week in first camp we enjoyed the incoming and outgoing of many wonderful students. We worked on establishing a multitude of skills such as spoons backpacks and keeper pouches. On the therapeutic side of things we helped teach the kids the structure and culture of outBACK and what their stay here will entail through gatherings and staff check ins. The weather was less cooperative than the kids and we experienced a multitude of different conditions and temperatures. However most nights we were able to experience a beautiful sunset hike. It was cool to see the kids grow as students and see them off into the main groups. 


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