Wilderness Weekly 6.15.18

Gnowees:  The Gnowees made it to the front side to the lush, oak filled portion of the mountains. Here we were able to play lots of games and bond more as a group. We learned how to talk through conflict and be assertive together so that we could all feel heard and supported. A Gnowee got a new trail name, Enchanted Lotus. Two girls got tokens, openness and peace walker, because of the way in which they were able to support the group through their own experience.

Dingoes:  The Dingoes had an eventful week out in the West Desert of Utah. Not one, but three new students arrived mid-way through the week. This not only added to the overall number of Dingoes, but also brought a lot of fresh new ideas on activities to try and games to play. Games were certainly a big part of the week and many rounds of Everybody’s It, Werewolf, and Contact were played. The Dingoes even invented a new game they dubbed “Billy Rock”. The Dingoes also got together to honor two of their staff members with tokens. Two bora grounds were constructed in secret and the ceremonies were sprung as a surprise.

Ulurus: The Ulurus had a fantastic week! They switched over to night hikes and enjoyed not having to hike in the heat of the day. They did 2 major hikes this week as well as peak day hikes with some of the most beautiful views on the field. One student becoming the new leader of the group. Another student had a parent visit that went well and processed through it in a gathering with the group. The group spent much of the week pushing and supporting each other to grow as well as honor each other through tokens and feedback ceremonies. The group enjoyed playing lots of games and staying cool with water fights.

Brumbies: The Brumbies worked hard this week conquering tough hikes and overcoming frustrations with busting. Each Brumbie worked for many hours to practice busting a coal and blowing to flames. They also spent much time gathering supplies for their sets and priming them to bust coals. The group played many games including Zoogle, Guess Who, Werewolf, and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. The Brumbies honored a staff member with a trail naming ceremony. Additionally, one fierce Brumbie was honored with a challenge token. Throughout the week, the Brumbies provided support to each other while processing their journeys at Outback. The week was spent fostering a culture of brotherhood, integrity, growth, respect, and fun. What a week in the Outback!


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