Wilderness Weekly 6.2.17


Two Brumbies received the openness token and the group revised group culture packet, which completely change group dynamic and for the better! Another Brumbie received his trail name. We also had a group honoring ceremony where each Brumbie honored and painted the face of the Brumbie next to them. It was a great and uplifting ceremony.


The Dingos had a fantastic week exploring the petroglyphs of ancient nations and cooling off in the heat at a nearby stream full of Willow and Sagebrush. Throughout the week they welcomed two new Dingos and mde their goodbyes in anticipation of two older Dingos departure. Two of the Dingos also got trail names this week and honored each other with the Seeker and Peace Walker Tokens. The Dingos also were challenged with a peak to peak cross-country hike through the wide canyons of Outback. As the Dingos were in a period of transition they began sharing the philosophy of Outback with each other.



The Lorikeets have said goodbye to the handcart they have used the past few weeks, that they affectionally named Aspen, and parted ways to walk with each carrying their own backpack and moving on through the desert. We watched one Keet move on from Outback and welcomed two new to the group. Many tears, laughter and emotions were shared this week, magnified by the majestic sunsets.


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