Wilderness Weekly 6.22.19

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a great week.  They hiked the longest they have hiked in well over a month. While it was challenging, the Gnowees all stated how accomplished and proud they were of themselves. They also welcomed a new Gnowee into the main group, having transitioned out of first camp.  Several other Gnowees were able to complete their backpacks and working to transition out of first camp and into main camp.

Goannas: The Goannas had a blast romping through the desert with a light breeze nipping at their heels. A great welcoming gathering was enjoyed by all as they welcomed a new student to their band. Ancient skills were created as students worked with leather and beads to create Pos bags and quivers. Night hiking was a highlight as the students moved campsites under the watchful eyes of the stars.

Brumbies: The group really moved forward in busting this week. Everyone was getting fire on their own sets by the end of the shift which was very powerful to see. The group had a special night halfway through our week where we played a big game of camo. Everyone was sprinting around and laughing while the sun was setting and the full moon was rising. Two tokens were given out and one trail name (genuine cub). The shift ended on a high note with the entire group packing up in high spirits getting ready to hike to a new site through a beautiful desert sunset.

Ulurus: A confident strong Uluru group pushed through the beginning of the week with few problems. Having developed close ties, the group was practicing active communication throughout the week. The group worked to stretch and support a newer student who steadily moved through his first two days as he learned the joy of living a simple life. Banding together the group shifted leadership to further bond with the new student. Finishing the week, the group said good bye to their two senior member as they embarked on peak week, leaving the new leaders to balance the changing group dynamic.

Dingoes: It was a week of change for the Dingoes with some students heading onto their next adventure beyond Outback and several new additions to the group. With this transition and change in group dynamic, the newer students stepped up and took on the roles of the outgoing senior students. Despite facing a few long and challenging hikes, we had three first campers transition to main camp this week. We had beautiful weather to raise our spirits and it was a great rewarding week!


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